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Baking Courses - a nice gift!

We had Caro come to have a baking course this week which was a birthday gift from her Mum. Caro does not bake often and was really keen to get hands-on! Caro made an enriched yeast dough and then made this into schoolbreads (skolebrød) and sunshine buns (solskinnsboller). In addition she made oaty chocolate orange cookies (havrekjeks med sjokolade og appelsin) and baked six, taking the rest of the cookie dough home which can be frozen and used later. Caro made the vanilla cream for the buns which was amazingly good!

Caro enjoyed a lunch of Norwegian brown goats cheese (gjetost), Kaviar (smoked fish roe in a tube - I love it!!), Jarlsberg cheese, smoked salmon, cream cheese (very British!) and kransekake sticks to finish off.

Courses are undertaken on a 1:1 basis to ensure all guests have a great experience and take home buns and cookies they are so proud of!

Aprons, tea towels and mugs are available for sale to!!

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