You can order Norwegian baked goods from Becky's Bakeri by phone or by coming along to  see us at a local event...

Biscuit & Bun Boxes

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Biscuit & Bun Boxes

During these difficult times letting people know we are thinking of them has never been so important, and receiving a biscuit box or bun box is a lovely treat!  An unique gift for a birthday, special occasion or just to say 'Hi'!

Biscuit Boxes

A small box of 8 biscuits costs £15 including P&P and a large biscuit hamper, comprising 16 biscuits + pack of almond & meringue + 2 cinnamon buns with caramalised apple, costs £40 including P&P.

Gluten Free biscuit box costs £15 including P&P and contains 14 biscuits: almond & lemon meringue cookies, polenta crisps and vanilla dreams

Our range of Anglo-Norwegian biscuits are:

Stem ginger shortbread/ stem ginger and lemon shortbread/Chocolate shortbread

Raspberry cookies (bringebær kjeks)

Oat, walnut, cranberry and orange (myke havrekjeks med valnøtter og tranebær)

Oat, walnut and raisin (myke havrekjeks med valnøtter og rosiner)

Oat, chocolate and orange (havrekjeks med sjokolade og appelsin)

Gluten-free almond and lemon meringue pack of 4 (mandelkjeks med sitron)

Gluten-free vanilla dream biscuit pack of 4 (vaniljedrømmer)

Bun Boxes

A cinnamon bun box, comprising 12 to 14 buns (dependent upon weight), half with caramalised apple, costs £33 including P&P.

These will be made to order and therefore can be frozen.  Dairy-free buns can be made to order. Parcels are sent by first class parcel post or by courier.

All Seasons Menu


Kaker og Boller - Cakes & Buns


Sjokoladeknuter - Chocolate knot
(contains wheat and egg)

Kanelsnurrer - Cinnamon bun plain or with caramalised apple
(contains wheat and egg)

Skolebrød - School bread
(contains wheat, egg, coconut, milk and cream)

Solskinnsboller med vaniljekrem og bringebær - Sunshine bun with vanilla custard and raspberry jam
(contains wheat, egg, milk and cream)


Snurrer med mandelfyll – Crème fraiche, almond and raisin bun
(contains wheat, egg, crème fraiche and almonds)


Roisin boller - Raisin bun
(contains wheat and egg)


Eplekake/ Muffins – Apple Cake/ Muffins
(contains wheat and egg)

Risengrynsgrøt - Rice porridge

(gluten free contains milk)


Gluten Free Fruit Cake

Knekkebrød - Crispbread

Knekkebrød med frø og valnøtter - Crispbread with seeds and walnuts (vegan)

Knekkebrød med frø og honning - Crispbread with seeds and honey
(NB This is not a sweet crispbread)

Kjeks - Biscuits

Bringebærcookies - Raspberry cookies with homemade jam


Havrekjeks med sjokolade og appelsin - Oat, dark chocolate (50-72% cocoa) & orange cookie

Havrecookies med valnøtter og rosiner - Oat, walnuts & raisin cookie

Havrekjeks med valøtter, appelsin og tranebær - Oat, walnut, orange & cranberry cookie

Gluten Free Mandelkjeks med sitron - Almond meringue with lemon

Gluten Free Vaniljedrømmer - Vanilla biscuits (very crisp!)

Gluten Free Polenta Butter Biscuits

Seasonal Bakes


Julebrød - Christmas Bread, a raisin bread with a touch more cardamom than in 'everyday' bakes.

Taste testing has gone well with children really loving this - which was a surprise to everyone!!! 

This bread is typically eaten with cheese and cold meats so just the ticket for Boxing Day!


The bread freezes well, defrost at room temperature before warming through at 180c fan. Travels well in a hamper box and sent by courier.

Stollen - not Norwegian I know but very popular at Christmas. Made with creme d'almand, fruit, nuts and cherries soaked in rum and finished with a rum glaze and a blanket of icing sugar. Sold whole or by the half.  Travels well in a hamper box and sent by courier.

Kransekake cake - 18 or 12 almond paste rings of decreasing size set as a tower and typically eaten on high days in Norway. 

Kransekake sticks - almond paste sticks iced and dipped in chocolate typically at one end. These are available at all markets up to Christmas.  Sold in packs of four, these can be frozen and taken out when needed.  Defrost at room temperature.

Please contact Becky for prices.

Prices vary dependent on number of units ordered.

Menu subject to change and seasonal variations.

Allergy Information

Becky’s Bakeri prepares these products where nuts, peanuts, sesame and other allergic ingredients are used.  We therefore cannot guarantee that products served will not contain traces of these allergens.  

If you would like to know more about the allergens in the bakes, please just ask.

All dough bakes are freshly made and vacuum packed to ensure their freshness during transit.

NB: Norwegian cakes and bakes are not as sweet as you will find in a typical British bakery.

All products are homemade and therefore they will all look different – unique – baker's discretion will prevail if some items appear to be on the smaller side than others!