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I am of Norwegian descent on my mother's side and have spent time living and working in Oslo. I have always loved all things Norwegian, particularly the baked goods!


As I have always been a keen home baker, it seemed like a good idea to combine my two passions - and so Becky's Bakeri was born.

Picture of Becky at stall 13July19 2.JPG

Born and brought up in South Wales, I was aware of my Norwegian heritage from a very young age.


However, my relationship with Norway properly began in 1980 when I worked as an au pair in Oslo and met my great-aunt Else Johannessen and her six siblings.

I then went back to Oslo in 2014, and spent two years improving my Norwegian and working in children's services, helping to develop foster care services.

I was very fortunate to be presented to HM Elizabeth II and King Harald V of Norway in November 2018 at the centenary celebration of the society.

I love to bake and have been baking cinnamon buns (kanelsnurrer) for many years. I now bake typical Norwegian fare and sell at local events. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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