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Becky's Bakeri attends Made In Bradford-on-Avon Summer Fair

On Saturday 13 July, I was delighted to attend Made In Bradford-on-Avon Summer Fair, an indoor market at St Margaret's Hall displaying artwork, crafts and home-baked goods.

This was my first event as Becky's Bakeri and I'd made:

  • cinnamon knots

  • chocolate knots

  • lemon and ginger shortbread

  • raspberry cookies

  • oat, walnut and raisin cookies

  • cheese scones

  • skolebrød

  • apple cake

  • and two types of crispbread


Everything sold well, particularly the vegan crispbread (without honey) and the biscuits.

I met a lot of people who have connections with Norway; a number have adult children studying at the universities in Norway, so it was good to chat about good areas to visit in Oslo, as well as what to buy from me to have for their afternoon tea!

A number of people said they would be back for the Christmas Market on 16 November, when I will be making Norwegian Christmas bread (julebrød), kransekake biscuits (almond paste with chocolate dip), Stollen and my non-Norwegian mincepies which have a frangipane topping.


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