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Pizzasnurrer (Pizza Rolls) Box

Pizzasnurrer (Pizza Rolls) Box


These pizza rolls have become very popular and should be eaten warm. They can also be frozen upon delivery - just defrost at room temperature and warm through to enjoy a soft pizza bun for elevenses, lunch or afternoon tea.


The home made tomato sauce takes many hours to prepare, simmering for a long time before straining to ensure a thick tomato sauce which doesnt make the pizza bun wet.


The box contains 6 tomato and cheese and 6 tomato, cheese and black olives in the dough. If you only want one type just send a message with your order.


Norwegian recipe.


Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, yeast, salt, touch of sugar, tomatoes, tomato puree, shallots, carrot, herbs, extra mature cheese.

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