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Small Biscuit Box

Small Biscuit Box


Each box contains 8 - 10 (depends on weight) homemade Norwegian biscuits and cookies (although the shortbread is of course Scottish!)


These will be a selection of the following (dependant on what I'm baking):


  • almond and lemon meringue cookie
  • chocolate orange oaty cookie
  • chocolate shortbread
  • oat, walnut and raisin cookie
  • oat, walnut, cranberry and orange cookie
  • raspberry and vanilla cookie
  • stem ginger and lemon shortbread


If you want me to include specific biscuits or cookies in your order, please ensure you request this at the time of order.


All items are labelled to identify allergens. While many contain wheat, egg and nuts, we do also provide gluten-free, egg-free and nut-free bakes - so please get in touch for more information.

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