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Buy a voucher. Gift an experience.

I have been asked whether I am going to be running any courses for next year and the answer is yes! We have two courses arranged: one in March 2020 and another Christmas baking course in November 2020.

For those who wish to purchase a place on a baking course as a gift, the value of the course will not be mentioned but a card will be sent stating the recipient has a place on a Norwegian baking course and can be used for either March or November 2020.

For part payment towards a course, the recipient will receive a voucher stating the value and they will need to pay the difference, although it could be that a group of people all pay a little bit towards the course and the recipient will be sent a card stating the names of the people who contributed.

The vouchers can be purchased all year round and we are working on linking the payment direct to PayPal to make this easier. However at present you will need to send an email to with details of the monetary value you want to spend on the voucher.

You will then be sent an invoice to pay the amount by BACs transfer and when the payment has cleared a card will be sent as agreed, as well as a email receipt to the purchaser.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Becky on 07910 389551.


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