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We're beginning to think about the 'C' word

That's right, planning for Christmas is underway!!! At our nano home bakeri we are already starting to order stock of flour, dried fruit, cherries, mincemeat and ground almonds as due to food shortages we are anticipating some difficulty maintaining good stock levels during December.

We will be baking Stollen as usual, which is reported to be better than M&S!! Praise indeed from customers but get your order in early for collection or delivery. The stollen can be sent by post so get in touch for prices.

Our other usual offerings are the Christmas hampers with Julebrød, kransekake stenger (pieces of almond paste biscuits dipped in chocolate with a royal icing decoration, time consuming but so pretty!, posh mince pies with a frangipan topping and oat, walnut, cranberry and orange cookies.

The Christmas website page is currently being reviewed and will be up shortly but in the meantime do please complete the enquiry form if you require further information.

PS: you don't need to wait for Christmas to get a postal delivery of cinnamon buns our plain ones as well as with caramalised apple!!

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