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Mormors Eplekake!

A lovely light vanilla apple cake recommended to serve warm with ice-cream! This cake has been very popular over the last couple of months and has received great reviews! Some of the comment received: "It was amazing, we have saved half of it for another birthday party next weekend" (customer froze half the cake); "It reminded me of my mother's apple cake - absolutely delicious". Feedback from markets are that the portions are very generous - I say its Viking proportions!

Unfortunately I do not sell this cake for postal orders as it is very light and wont travel well. The whole cake can be cut into your preferred portions and frozen and serves 15 easily. The apples used are Pink Lady which I find the best as they retain their form and doesn't go mushy. The cake is finished with a cinnamon and pearl sugar crust - enjoy!

Get in touch to place an order and arrange collection.

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