A Christmas hamper is always a nice present to receive, and when it is filled with Norwegian goodies, it is extra special and a bit different!


  • You can mix and match your own hamper which can be collected from Corsham or sent by post

  • The parcel will need to be signed for so you must make sure that the receiver will be at home

  • Goods will be freshly baked to order which means the bread/ buns can be frozen if they are not going to be eaten in 1-2 days

  • A full description of each product and care, ie freezing, reheating, etc, will be provided in the parcel

  • For those who wish to send a smaller gift, we are still doing the biscuit boxes to arrive for Christmas which are £15, including postage, and include 2 x 4 different types of cookies with an extra one as a surprise!

Standard Christmas Hamper £22 + £9 first class parcel post & packing
A standard hamper will contain a Julebrød (Norwegian Christmas Bread), soft oat cookies with walnuts, cranberry & orange (pack of 4) , kransekake sticks (pack of 4) and four mince pies (sweet pastry, mincemeat and a rum frangipane sponge topping).

Deluxe Christmas Hamper £40 + £15 first class parcel post & packing
One stollen with rum frangipane and rum infused fruits and cherries, one Julebrød (Norwegian Christmas Bread), soft oat cookies with walnuts, cranberry & orange (pack of 4), raspberry cookies (pack of 4), kransekake sticks (pack of 6) and four mince pies (sweet pastry, mincemeat and a rum frangipane sponge topping).

Alcohol free stollen and mince pies can be provided - please ensure you request this at the time of order.

Gluten Free Christmas Hamper £32 (local delivery only)
One gluten free rich fruit cake with apricot glaze ready for you to decorate as you wish, kransekake sticks (6), almond & lemon meringue cookies (4), vanilla dreams (6), crispy hearts polenta biscuits (6).

Gluten free rich Christmas cake £17.00 (local delivery only as too heavy to post!)

Presented with an apricot glaze ready for decoration.

Golden Apricot and Marzipan Fruit Loaf £11 (local delivery only)

A lovely moist fruit cake with plenty of soft apricots and layers of marzipan finished with an apricot glaze. I do not advise decorating with further marzipan or with icing as it will be too sweet, but you can decorate with Christmas figures! A great alternative to traditional Christmas cake.

Kransekake £40 12 ring, £55 16 ring (local delivery only)

A tower of kransekake simply decorated with royal icing and served on Norway's Christmas Day 24 December, 17th May which is Independence Day, birthdays and confirmations. Will be delivered on either Norwegian Christmas Eve 23rd December or British Christmas Eve 24 December to ensure the gooey centre is preserved for your Christmas week. Traditionally served in 3 inch pieces to guests but you may decide to be more generous!!!  Please ensure you request the date you wish delivery at the time of order.

Standard Christmas Hamper
Gluten Free Christmas Cake
Apricot & Marzipan Fruit Loaf
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Additional Items

Julebrød £6.50 – Norwegian Christmas Cake or bread if you will!  An enriched dough with raisins and mixed peel (optional) added. Serve warm with cheese, savoury meats or as I know some people do, toast and butter generously!

Kransekake sticks pack of 4 plain £4.50 or one end dipped in chocolate £5.00. Traditionally eaten at Christmas and high days such as 17th May. This is a labour intensive almond biscuit which retains a soft gooey centre and is best kept in the freezer until needed. Due to the fact that the mix is ground almonds, icing sugar and egg whites (pasteurised eggs used), the biscuits can be frozen multiple times without affecting the texture.

Cookies/ biscuits: stem ginger & lemon shortbread, oat walnut & raisin soft oat cookie, chocolate orange oaty cookie, raspberry cookies (divine! made with vanilla sugar), cinnamon buns with or without caramalised apple can be added to the hamper. 

All goods must be paid for prior to delivery. Refunds will not be given as the products will be made to order.

If you would like to add to the hamper eg cinnamon buns, cookies, etc, the individual cost of the items will be added and a discount applied and the same applies if you just want to make one up from the goods on sale.

Please contact Becky to discuss on 07910 389551.


All orders will be confirmed in writing and upon receipt of payment the goods will be despatched.

Kransekake Sticks
Raspberry Cookies
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